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    [Resolved] Treehouse was not under our control, it is now.


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    [Resolved] Treehouse was not under our control, it is now.

    Post by Roxie on Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:56 am

    As of 7/16/15, the user on Pokemon-online known as Gangsta Luvv has taken Treehouse as his own server. This person has been DDoSing our server for months. For those not aware, DDoS attacks are a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems -- which are usually infected with a Trojan -- are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Gangsta has been doing this for months on end because he was banned after he trolled and spammed the server. He ban evaded and was banned again and again, each time acting like he was the victim of abuse.
    Those are previous conversations of him and myself and our owner vappy and it's undeniable proof on how he's acted.
    This is the latest, where he admitted to what he was doing (I am under the names Alcor and Magister Pistor).

    To give more backstory, he apparently once had moderator which was removed (which I completely understand why), and he would constantly bug vappy into him giving it back. Upon being told no several times, he decided to troll and spam the server, in which we banned him. And then everything above happened.

    Until such a time when Treehouse can be under our control again, we apologize for this unfortunate accident.

    [Resolved]As of 9/23/2015, We have regained control of the PO server! Huzzah!

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    Re: [Resolved] Treehouse was not under our control, it is now.

    Post by millennium vappy on Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:41 am

    and now we have successfully regained control of the server. for how long, I don't know.

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