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    Legend of Zelda Pokemon Online Theme -Roxas


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    Legend of Zelda Pokemon Online Theme -Roxas

    Post by Roxie on Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:59 pm

    So everyone! I have successfully completed the [OFFICIAL] version of my Legend of Zelda Pokemon Online theme! I hope you all enjoy it and download it. I want to thank Brie for helping me edit certain images (the Player List Icons, flipping the background). I'd also like to thank the others for dealing with my talking about it constantly. Razz

    Anywho! Onto the screenshots!
    Server Registry:

    Main Chat:

    Team Builder Home:

    Pokemon Selection:

    Trainer Information:

    Battle Window:

    Here's the download link in case you all wish to download the theme!

    quickest battle ever:

    Start of turn 1
    Gardevoir has Mega Evolved into Mega Gardevoir!
    Gardevoir used Focus Blast!
    It's super effective!
    The foe's 劈斩司令 lost 100% of its health!
    The foe's 劈斩司令 fainted!

    蓝色闪光: ⊙▽⊙
    Shadow Roxas: Noooot this time buddy
    蓝色闪光 forfeited against Shadow Roxas!

    The window was disabled due to one of the players closing the battle window.

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    Re: Legend of Zelda Pokemon Online Theme -Roxas

    Post by Bluekip on Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:02 pm

    Your theme looks really cool. I just love the Server Registry's background. Arrow Downloading

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