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    Join the battle between Helix and Gabes



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    Join the battle between Helix and Gabes

    Post by ThePower on Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:45 pm

    View the chat:

    (10:33:34) +Constantin Yakushkin: All heil the Helix.
    (10:33:36) Helix Fossil: Who the hell gives a shit about what he worships?
    (10:34:00) Helix Fossil: Let him believe in the Dome. He shall lead a life of lies and stuff.
    (10:34:02) +Constantin Yakushkin: An impostor!
    (10:34:15) +Constantin Yakushkin: Burn the liar!
    (10:34:29) [BB]Lodz:
    (10:37:11) +ThePower: Guys ive been thinking
    (10:37:15) +ThePower: Helix isnt our lord
    (10:37:17) +Constantin Yakushkin: In the space garden, obviously. What are you, a n00b?
    (10:37:21) +ThePower: Gabe is
    (10:37:22) +ThePower:
    (10:37:29) [BB]Lodz: ALL HEIL GABE
    (10:37:33) BlueKing: +ThePower:
    (10:37:41) BlueKing: should i watch it.
    (10:37:43) [BB]Lodz: He and his divine sales
    (10:37:46) +ThePower: omg
    (10:37:54) +ThePower: BlueKing thats the video I posted
    (10:38:00) [BB]Lodz: XD
    (10:38:03) +Constantin Yakushkin: ThePower... I cannot believe it...
    (10:38:04) BlueKing: ik
    (10:38:10) +Constantin Yakushkin: You have betrayed us!
    (10:38:15) [BB]Lodz: I was also going to link that tbh
    (10:38:16) +ThePower: GABE IS OUR LORD
    (10:38:16) BlueKing: i said should i watch it.
    (10:38:19) [BB]Lodz: But you already did D:
    (10:38:25) BlueKing: nope
    (10:38:39) BlueKing: i copied and pasted his post.
    (10:38:42) +ThePower: Oh
    (10:38:45) +ThePower: I see
    (10:38:48) +ThePower: lol
    (10:38:54) +ThePower: Yes watch ir
    (10:38:58) +ThePower: its like 30 seconds
    (10:39:19) +ThePower: Constantin Yakushkin If youd only listen you would see the world as Gabe does
    (10:39:40) guest5838: what you got to do here lol
    (10:39:41) *** Constantin Yakushkin talks with the great priests of the Helix temple and all the people who have faith in the great Helix start a crusade against Gabe worshippers ***
    (10:40:01) +ThePower: Cmon fellow Newells!
    (10:40:04) +ThePower: Join me
    (10:40:14) guest5838: how?
    (10:40:15) +Constantin Yakushkin: We must take the holy land off the Gabe's stinky smelly hands.
    (10:40:22) +Trinitrotoluene: ok. can we not start a pseudo-religious schism right now?
    (10:40:23) *** [BB]Lodz Talks with Heavy Weapons Guy, high priest of the Gaben Chruch ***
    (10:40:29) +ThePower: This is going on the forums

    Join the battle between Gabes and The Helix. Both striving for the similar goal! World influence and domination.

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    Re: Join the battle between Helix and Gabes

    Post by Guest on Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:50 pm

    Don't follow that traitor! He worshiped the Helix, way before he was possessed by the Gabe! Our prophets have told us that one day, the great messiah, Red, will come from the sky and with his companions, he will praise the Helix and give us DEMOCRACY and end the dark days of Anarchy! We'll destroy the Gabes and take the land that belongs to the Helix, anyways. Worshiping anything, BUT the Helix, will result in punishment by death.
    Lodz Mawile
    Lodz Mawile

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    Re: Join the battle between Helix and Gabes

    Post by Lodz Mawile on Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:51 pm

    Helix being god?
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    Re: Join the battle between Helix and Gabes

    Post by ThePower on Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:55 pm

    No! The Gabes seek knowledge for the sake of humanity. Seeking for the better future of ourselves as a huge family! Prophets today seek for our Messiah, the great powerfull all knowing, Gabe Newell. Bring an end to fat wallets as well as small wallets as we will ease the minds of our followers. Down with The Helix! Progression towards the better future!

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    Re: Join the battle between Helix and Gabes

    Post by Trinitrotoluene on Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:59 pm

    Alright. Going to say this before the thread gets messy: I don't mind you all trying to convince each other of who the true internet god is, but don't flame each other. I will be more strict with my moderation, so watch yourselves, ok?

    e: for clarification, this is what I meant:

    (11:01:33) +Trinitrotoluene: i don't mind slinging mud between two religions. just don't insult each other.
    (11:01:59) +Trinitrotoluene: basically, don't make posts just to anger one person.


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    Post by Dome Fossil on Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:16 pm

    I find the lack of choice in this thread despicable. There is not a choice to believe in me, or the other Internet Gods.

    The Jester
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    Re: Join the battle between Helix and Gabes

    Post by Roxie on Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:29 pm

    Well guys... I have a feeling the winner is this...
    ... ;=; you people *shakes my head*

    quickest battle ever:

    Start of turn 1
    Gardevoir has Mega Evolved into Mega Gardevoir!
    Gardevoir used Focus Blast!
    It's super effective!
    The foe's 劈斩司令 lost 100% of its health!
    The foe's 劈斩司令 fainted!

    蓝色闪光: ⊙▽⊙
    Shadow Roxas: Noooot this time buddy
    蓝色闪光 forfeited against Shadow Roxas!

    The window was disabled due to one of the players closing the battle window.

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    Re: Join the battle between Helix and Gabes

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