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    X and Y wifi wise

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    X and Y wifi wise 508
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    X and Y wifi wise Empty X and Y wifi wise

    Post by Crossfire12 on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:19 pm

    So as u may or may not know 6gen has slowly been added to PO and as well showdown, battles can happen on the 3ds now too however it's very time costly to breed the right pokemon.... etc bleh bleh bleh

    Anyways for all those who have done 6gen wifi battles tell me what u think of them. For me I really like them weather teams took a hit but I'm kinda happy for that anyways love to hear.

    Side note: Greninja is a threat to me the thing turned into a fucking fairy type then a dark type and i was like wtf is this thing? op ability maybe

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