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    Counter Game Round 3 (I think)

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    Counter Game Round 3 (I think) 508
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    Counter Game Round 3 (I think) Empty Counter Game Round 3 (I think)

    Post by Crossfire12 on Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:39 pm

    Okay so due to boredom I decided to get the ball rolling on another round of the counter game

    We will be following the same rules as last time when Artist started it

    Here are the rules.
    1. Be polite.

    2. Please add one set that counters the Pokemon.

    3. (Optional) Add an image of the Pokemon (sprite).

    4. Make sure your counter actually beats the Pokemon above it. A counter is defined as a Pokemon that can switch into every move carried by the previous Pokemon with relative safety and take it out with relative ease. A check is a Pokemon that can switch into at least one move carried by the opponent and take it out from there with relative ease.

    5. Let the person with the post above you post their set before listing a counter.

    6. Uber Pokemon are banned from The Counter Game.

    7. Assume that there is no weather active unless countering a Pokemon with a weather-changing ability.

    8. Explain with a few sentences how your Pokemon counters the previous Pokemon.

    So to start it off

    Counter Game Round 3 (I think) 149@ Leftovers
    252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
    ~ Draco Meteor
    ~ Fire Blast / Flamethrower
    ~ Thunder Wave
    ~ Roost

    Let the game begin


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    Counter Game Round 3 (I think) Empty Re: Counter Game Round 3 (I think)

    Post by Trinitrotoluene on Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:15 pm

    Oh, fun. Anyways, here I go.

    Counter Game Round 3 (I think) 646-black
    Kyurem-B @ Leftovers | Teravolt
    Hasty | 56 HP / 176 Atk / 80 SpA / 196 Spe
    Substitute | Fusion Bolt | Ice Beam | Earth Power

    Classification: Check.

    This is really just your standard Sub + 3 Attacks Kyurem-B. The EVs outpace all Modest Landorus, while retaining enough HP to create 101 HP subs, preventing things like Blissey and Chansey from breaking Kyurem-B's subs with one Seismic Toss. Thanks to Teravolt, Multiscale is negated, allowing Ice Beam to KO without too many repercussions. Have fun with this everyone~

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    Counter Game Round 3 (I think) Empty Re: Counter Game Round 3 (I think)

    Post by Artist Smeargle on Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:18 pm


    Also, 4444 posts.


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    Counter Game Round 3 (I think) Empty Re: Counter Game Round 3 (I think)

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