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    Rules of the Art Studio (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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    Rules of the Art Studio (READ BEFORE POSTING)

    Post by Kraziub on Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:54 pm

    These are the rules for the Art Studio. THESE MUST BE READ BEFORE CREATION OF A THREAD.

    • Don't bump your thread with pointless posts to take it to the top of the forum. Updating your thread with art or replying to requests/comments regarding said art is one thing, but bumping without artwork or a meaningful reply is another thing.

    • Take constructive criticism in a positive manner.

    • Make sure your thread has at least three pieces of art. For threads in the Writing Room, make sure at least one piece of writing that ISN'T the intro to your thread is in the thread before posting it. Threads lacking content are boring.

    • Try not to flood the forum with comments about every single art thread. It's fine to voice your appreciation, but don't overdo it. This is not a place for bumping up your postcount.

    • If you want to display your sprites, don't make a separate thread for them. Just edit the original post of your original thread.

    • Don't post overly large pictures if it's possible. Place them in spoiler tags if they must be posted.

    • No pornographic or obscene material. Seriously. This stuff is appalling. There are people who visit this site who are offended by it. Posting pornography will result in a ban from the forum, so don't try anything funny.

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