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    TH. I need advice.


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    TH. I need advice.  Empty TH. I need advice.

    Post by Fluttershy on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:22 pm

    Alright listen. This was probably the only okay place to post this. And I need the help.

    Okay so, me and two of my friends have a RolePlay group together.
    I play my very own Pinkmena,
    My friend Raven plays a Hetalia (( -_- )) character she made up.
    And my friend FDino plays another character.

    Now, I made up my own backstory for the character I play, how her Great Grandmother is the God of Imagination, her grandmother a Net-Navi, Her Mother a spaceman (( Yogscast reference. Don't question it )). And she's a Statue of course. Now, Raven started developing her character as well, but in motion with mine. The first thing she changed was that her character was now a god. I was alright with that, I mean, most of my characters are god-like. Then, we roleplayed as child versions of our characters. When I made the reference of how Child Pinkmena (( Morely known as Virgillius, Virgil for short )) didn't know what her special talent was, even though it was her power to turn into her statue-form, Raven came out and said SHE was a statue too. So I started to get alittle angry because it seemed like she was copying me.
    Actual log from that moment:

    [0:22:03] Deutsch: (( tis true Deut as an awesome statue form -w- its of her god tier))
    [0:23:01] Deutsch: -she walked of her friend ben mostly know as karkles appered in front of pink-
    [0:23:24] Virgillius 'Pinkmena' Maro: (( Nooooww you're copying me. :U What mineral is it then? ))
    What the-- Who are you!?
    [0:28:47] Deutsch: (( dimond and gold :I and a dark blue stone that amost looks black to be the raven and the gold is the r on the bird))
    [0:29:16] Deutsch: Hmmm oh god more fucking females
    [0:30:28] Virgillius 'Pinkmena' Maro: (( You're incredibly flashy.. This is why Pink's Statue form is made of Onyx and completely black. ))
    Then, it seemed like she tried to outshine me in every way. She brought up stupid things too make her character look better.
    Another example, is that, our characters both like FDino's character. And everytime we're in a group RP, she tries to outshine me by wearing sexier things then my character (( Pink has two set outfits, Her usual Black pants, grey sweatshirt, and her Witch form with a grey dress. )), and kissing up to his character. He doesn't point out that he likes either of us directly, but he signals he possibly likes me more, which pisses Raven off in a sense so she does it more.

    I just need a way to nicely tell her to stop copying me and trying to be better then me. I just have no idea of what to do.

    harsh-a-dit: I told her she could post this here so don't flame or something.
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    TH. I need advice.  Empty Re: TH. I need advice.

    Post by Nasira on Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:53 am

    I don't understand the whole excitement of roleplaying or whatever, but I'm pretty sure that if you just let your character seem more genuine and average she will just look ridiculous for trying to be perfect - what happens in real life. (That also avoids confrontation. - So not like me..)

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