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    The Secret I didn't know I had-Chapter 3


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    The Secret I didn't know I had-Chapter 3

    Post by Brie on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:00 am

    The morning sun was bright when I finally awoke. I stretched out and felt a note on the pillow beside me.
    Join me downstairs in the kitchen. If you get lost there are plenty of people around who could show you.
    I wanted to smile but then I realized where I was and cursed under my breath. I didn’t bother to change out of my clothes. It was then I realized I was in dark blue pants and a black tank top. My hair was a mess and I looked like hell. I walked into the bathroom and found a hair brush. I washed my face so I didn’t look that bad and brushed my hair before throwing it up in a messy bun. I put on some slippers I found and left the room.
    “Excuse me,” I said to the maid looking girl who was cleaning. “Could you show me where the kitchen is? I was told to meet Damien there.”
    “Right this way My Lady,” The girl did a little curtsy and started walking.
    “Why did you call me that?” I questioned.
    “My lady mustn’t ask questions. All will be explained shortly,” Was the response I got.
    “Please just call me Rayne.”
    “My lord wouldn’t be pleased with me if I did so my lady,” I sighed in frustration and gave up. Eventually we reached a large kitchen area with marble countertops. Damien was sitting there sipping a glass of what most people would think was wine but it was blood.
    “My Lord I brought My Lady here,” She said softly.
    “Thank you Jilly. That will be all,” He smiled at her and she left.
    “What’s with this ‘My Lord’ and ‘My Lady’ crap?” I asked and sat beside him.
    “Ah well, I suppose Xander and Christopher didn’t tell you everything did they?” He asked. I shook my head. “Well, I am the heir to the throne of the highest vampire royal family. You, Rayne, are my betrothed. Your family was the next highest, right before mine considering we are the only two pureblood families. Your parents were born after mine. Mine are the original vampires. The two who created everyone. Are you hungry?” I shook my head no.
    “Not really,” I muttered.
    “Your eyes say different. AB negative right?” I sighed and nodded as he got me my breakfast. I took the glass and sipped it when a black kitten jumped up onto my lap.
    “Hello little kitten,” I smiled and pet the creature.
    “His name is Shadow. I actually found him on the street a week ago. You can have him. He likes you,” Damien smiled.
    “I can? Really?” I grinned like a child on Christmas morning.
    “Sure but on one condition,” I didn’t like where this was going.
    “That is?”
    “Stay here with me when we get back from Italy. I don’t want you hurt Rayne. If you’re here I can protect you,” He had a pleading look in his eyes.
    “And I can’t protect myself?” I snapped.
    “Rayne you didn’t even know what you were until last night. Please stay,” The kitten mewed in response as if agreeing.
    “Fine but only if you tell them not to call me ‘My Lady’. It’s annoying,” I grumbled and finished off my drink.
    “Alright alright. They don’t have to call you ‘my lady’, though am I allowed too?”
    “Maybe. If you’re good,” I smirked and walked off to shower and get dressed when I realized I had no idea where the hell I was going. “Shit…Damien!” I called walking around trying to find him.
    “My Lady are you looking for My Lord?” Jilly asked appearing out of no where.
    “Yes I am and call me Rayne. Damien said it was fine,” I smiled at her.
    “Oh, I see. What did you need My Lord for?” The short brunette asked.
    “Ah well see,” I began and was cut off by none other than Damien.
    “I’ve got it Jilly thank you,” He smiled and nodded at her. She bowed her head and walked away. “You needed me for..?”
    “Where’s my room…?” I asked with a nervous look. He cracked up laughing at it.
    “Come on,” He grabbed my hand. I twirled some of my black hair.
    “Can I dye my hair?” I questioned.
    “Depends on the color,” He stated blankly.
    “Purple. To match my eyes,” He looked at me like I was insane. “Please?”
    “Alright. I’ll have Ice come up later to do it for you,” I raised an eyebrow. “We found Ice surrounded by snow in the middle of winter with no memories and covered in blood.”
    “Poor kid,” I murmured.
    “His eyes are also a ice blue,” He smirked.
    “That’s pretty sweet.”
    “Here you go,” I noticed we stopped in front of a door that had my name on it. I nodded in thanks before walking in and taking a good look around. The walls were black with neon colored splatters. My blanket was black with neon stripes, my pillow cases were a variety of neon. My room was amazing. I wondered who designed it. I walked to the closet to pick out some clothes and gasped. It was half the size of my room, stocked with clothes I would wear. I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans, a purple tank top, a studded belt and some converse before walking into the bathroom. It was black with neon polka dots around it. Someone must have really known me to be able to do all this.
    I stripped and threw my dirty clothes in the laundry basket and stepped into the shower with searing hot water spraying on me. It felt wonderful. I could feel the knots in my shoulders caused by stress loosen. It was like all of my problems and finding out about my secret were being washed off and I was relieved about it. I was glad I knew what was different about me. I was glad that I wasn’t alone. I was glad I was cared for.
    I sighed and rinsed the last of the soap off me as the water started to go cold and stepped out. I wrapped my towel tight around my body and grabbed the blow dryer to dry my hair. Once it was all the way dry I tugged on the clothes I had picked out and walked out of the bathroom throwing the towel in the bin. Stepping into my room I noticed the box on my bed. Curiously I opened it to find a variety of things I might need in life. A phone, laptop, wallet with credit cards in it, and a small variety of makeup. I smiled and took out the note that was also in there while putting the wallet and phone in my pocket.
    All the way down the hall take a left, go down three doors and take another left, follow the hall until you reach the last door on the right. Come right on in.
    So it was time to get my hair done. I took the note and followed the directions until I reached a metallic blue door and walked in.
    “Ah there she is. I see she found everything well,” Damien smiled.
    “Going to watch me have my hair done mister?” I grinned and he nodded while laughing.
    Ice took my hand and sat me in a chair after putting a white short sleeved turtle neck on me. Probably to protect my skin. It took a few hours but it was worth it. My long black hair was now a extraordinary gorgeous purple. My green eyes flashed purple for a second and I grinned. I hugged Ice tightly to thank him. He hugged me back which made Damien a little jealous so we broke the hug.
    “Love we must get going. We need to get clothes for our trip,” Damien spoke as if he was pissed badly. He took my hand and led me out of the room then he pushed me against the wall.
    “What’s the matter Damien? I can’t hug other people?” I challenged.
    “No. Especially not guys,” I burst out laughing. “What?”
    “Damien it’s obvious! Ice is gay! He won’t do anything,” I was still laughing. Damien backed away and I felt a little sad. I liked having him there. I went to walk away when he grabbed my wrist. I turned and looked at Damien but before I could blink his lips were on mine. I tried to push him away but only wound up pulling him closer. My mind went blank and the world disappeared. Soon enough I felt Damien pick me up and carry me while leaving butterfly kisses on my neck. I landed on a bed and snapped out of it.
    “No,” I scrambled off and ran to the opposite side of the room. Damien sighed and nodded.
    “When you’re ready then,” He had a sad smile on his face so I kissed his cheek and walked down stairs. My throat was burning now.
    “Shit,” I walked around looking for the kitchen. “I hate this place,” I muttered before running into someone.
    “My Lady, excuse me,” A old man spoke.
    “Rayne, and can you please help me find something to drink? My throats burning,” I had a pained expression on and he nodded and led me to a room I hadn’t seen before. There were people with bandages on their necks everywhere.
    “Where are we?”
    “Do you have a problem drinking from the source?”
    “Yes! I just want a bag of AB negative in a mug to drink in my room while I entertain myself.”
    “You are a vampire. You need to drink from the source eventually,” He stated.
    “Drake. Are you harassing my lady?” Damien appeared out of the shadows like he usually does.
    “S-sorry My Lord,” Drake stuttered and bowed his head before walking away.
    “I’m sorry for earlier Rayne. I was out of control and couldn’t think of anything but how beautiful you were. My hormones got the best of me,” Damien apologized holding out his hand. I didn’t take it.
    “It’s fine. Just, can I get my usual please?” I asked. I wasn’t going to admit I enjoyed the kiss, or that I wanted him too.
    “Of course. Right this way,” Damien stuck his hand in his pocket and began walking out of the place full of people.
    “Isn’t our saliva able to heal those wounds?” I questioned. Damien stopped and pondered that thought.
    “Maybe. Do you want to try it?” I nodded and Damien disappeared and came back with a little girl about seven years old.
    “Hi honey. What’s your name?” I kneeled down to her height.
    “A-Angel,” She stuttered softly.
    “Okay. Angel I’m going to see if I can’t make those marks go away alright?” She nodded softly and I took the bandage off her neck. I brushed back her hair and licked the wound and stared in amazement as it closed up. Damien was about to take her back in there when she grabbed my hand.
    “Miss I don’t want to go back in there. Please don’t make me. The people there are mean,” She cried and held tightly to my hand. I looked up at Damien and he nodded.
    “Angel you know what I am right?” I asked picking her up.
    “You’re a vampire. You and My Lord are. You’re My Lady,” I smiled.
    “No, I’m Rayne. He’s Damien. I’m going to keep you in my room. If anyone tries to hurt you when I’m out of my room or you are scream and I’ll come running,” She nodded and laid her head on my shoulder and began to fall asleep.
    “She likes you,” Damien said as we walked to the kitchen.
    “Does she have parents?” He shook his head. “I want to adopt her. I’m eighteen so don’t tell me I can’t.”
    “We’ll take her to get the adoption papers tomorrow. Are you going to put a father on them?” I shrugged.
    “Depends on if someone behaves himself,” I smiled as he handed my cup. I took a sip of it and sighed.
    “Thankfully your bed is a queen size so she can sleep with you,” I nodded. “Are we getting her clothes after the adoption?” Again I nodded and chugged my cup before setting it in the sink.
    “I think I should be able to find my way to my room,” I sniffed and found my scent and began following it until I reached my room. I opened the door and laid Angel down carefully so I didn’t wake her. I sat beside her and opened

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