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    The Secret I didn't know I had-Chapter 2


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    The Secret I didn't know I had-Chapter 2

    Post by Brie on Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:10 am

    (Quick note: I wound up not liking what I had written down originally and pretty much winged what I have here at like one oclock in the morning xD Oh and I feel like being mean and adding another language to this. Italic words are in German.)
    The man looked at me with a gleam in his green eyes.
    "When you feel in danger your senses perk, you get fangs, you enjoy dark things and you still haven't figured it out?" He asked.
    "Figure what out?" I growled feeling my teeth sharpen.
    "Rayne you're a pureblood vampire. One of the last ones. The family you're with doesn't know because you were sent there for-"
    "That's enough Christopher," Xander said exiting the shadows.
    "You knew?" I questioned.
    "Yes. Oh and your eyes, they're purple right now. It suits you," He smiled.
    "You didn't tell me why?" I asked not bothering to ask about my eyes.
    "Xander, she needs, her eyes are like that because she does," The other man cut in.
    "Let's get her home first," He responded.
    "I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers," I almost shouted.
    "I could give you those prinzessin but currently you hate me," That silky with a touch of husky voice I hated and loved all at the same time purred.
    "Damien. What brings the pleasure of your visit during an A, B, D conversation. You need to C your way out of it," I smiled softly just to irritate all of them.
    "Well it would seem prinzessin that these men have been making moves on my fiance."
    "Fiance? I didn't know you were getting married."
    "You are too," And with that he disappeared.
    "Home and answers now. My throats burning worse than a forest fire," I croaked.
    "Home and answers now. My throats burning worse than a forest fire," I croaked.
    Xander nodded and began leading the way back to his house. I wanted to rip my throat out by the time we got home. I imeadetly went for some water when Xander stopped me. I watched as he went to the fridge and pulled out a bag of blood from the bottom drawer. My mouth watered and I snatched it from him not caring it was cold. I bit into the bag and felt relief as the crimson fluid ran down my throat. I finished one bag and my throat still burned. Xander had already finished heating one up so I gulped it down a little slower than the first. I could actually taste it now. It was sweet and tasted like candy. After about five bags my throat felt better. Christopher laughed a little and I glared.
    "Someone’s a messy eater," He grinned. I growled and washed up. In the living room the boys were talking. I stayed out of sight and listened.
    "We can't tell her everything! She'd go into shock and kill me!" Xander exclaimed.
    "What about me?!" Christopher asked.
    "You can't die. No need to worry," I could hear the smirk in Xander’s voice.
    "I hate when you're right..." I walked around the corner and looked at the boys.
    "Tell me everything," I crossed my arms to prove I was serious.
    "Well, It started in 1864. The first pureblood vampire had been born. All the vampires in the coven were confused as to how it had happened. As far as they had known vampires could not have children. The only purebloods there were, were the two original vampires. Still they raised him and found that he was stronger than a made vampire. He was also faster, grew quickly and was more intelligent. Soon another pureblood baby was born. The boy fell in love with her when he saw her. He protected her with his life. Many years later in 1993 the girl conceived a child and she was born on Halloween. A war had broke out a few years ago between the vampires. The two did not want their daughter to grow up there and they sent her away to live with humans. She grew up wonderfully having her guardian angel and a warlock watching over her," Xander finished.
    "So what you're telling me is I'm a vampire and my parents could be dead because of a damn war?"
    "In a cinch yes."
    "Okay, now what about Damian saying I was engaged?" This time they froze.
    "Damien is also a pureblood vampire, he was born before you and your parents thought it would be best if you married him to carry out the pureblood line. So when you were born they betrothed you to him. When his parents die he'll become king of the vampires as soon as you two marry," Christopher spoke up.
    "I don't want to marry him! Okay maybe I do a little but come on!" I whined.
    "I'm sorry Hun but that's the way it works. Maybe you could spend a week with him somewhere away where no one can find you and see if you fall," Xander suggested. I hated him being gay. It made him a romantic.
    "He's got a point Rayne. If you fall for him then being betrothed to him is a good thing. I'm going to get him over here and I want you two to discuss some place to go until you agree to marry him. And don't agree to get him off your back. Agree because you fell," Christopher left the room.
    "I hate you both," I grumbled.
    "It is a good idea though Rayne," Xander said softly.
    "I have a question," I glanced at him and then the direction Christopher left in.
    "Is he gay?" Xander turned all different shades of red.
    "Well uh, I think so," Her murmured.
    "You like him! You so like him!" I grinned.
    "Shut up girly!" He grumbled.
    “He said he’d be over soon,” Christopher’s voice was cut off by the door bell.
    “I’ve got it,” I grumbled and got up. I yanked open the door and came face to face with the man I was supposed to marry.
    “Well hello love. I didn’t expect to see you looking so well fed. Christopher said we all needed to talk,” I wanted to say we don’t and slam the door in his face but I resisted and led him to the living room.
    “Rayne, sit please,” Xander begged.
    “I’d prefer to stand,” The only seat open was the seat right next Damien.
    “She’s still mad at me I see,” He murmured.
    “She’s even more mad at what we need to talk about,” Christopher added.
    “Get on with it,” I growled.
    “Now Rayne it’s not polite to not offer drinks to our guests,” Xander said. Oh how I hated him.
    “Damien, would you like something to drink?” I asked with a sneer.
    “Yes please. A bag of O positive if you have it. If not I’ll have whatever you’ll have,” He smiled as if he was enjoying this.
    I stomped off to the kitchen and got into the drawer where Xander kept the blood. I found a bag of O positive and AB negative and stuck them in the microwave to warm them. When the microwave beeped I pulled them out and poured them into glasses. I took a sip of mine and sighed. It was almost as good as coffee. I walked back out and handed Damien his and continued to sip it.
    “Rayne, we will not start this discussion until you sit down,” Xander glared at me.
    “Christopher, would you do me a favor and sit by Damien?” I asked. He shook his head. Bastard. Reluctantly I sat next to him. I swear he scooted closer.
    “What was it you needed Christopher?” Damien asked as he put his arm across the back of the couch we were on. He was just pissing me off.
    “I thought it might be a good idea for you and Rayne to spend time away from here, together. That way she might just fall for you and won’t be so reluctant to marry you,” Christopher stated.
    “More like a good idea to piss me off,” I mumbled under my breath. Damien heard and patted my shoulder.
    “Where would we go?” He questioned.
    “Anywhere just away from here. A hotel perhaps in Italy unless you have a residence there,” Xander spoke up finally. I set my empty glass on the table and leaned back forgetting Damien’s arm was there until I hit it. I cursed and scooted down so I was sitting on the floor. The boys just looked at me and I ignored them.
    “I do have a residence in Italy actually. Rayne would you like to go to Italy?”
    “As long as it’s not with you,” I smiled.
    “She’s always wanted to go to Italy so I think it’s fine. Oh uhm, how will you get your food?” Xander questioned a little worried.
    “Don’t worry little warlock, I have donors in Italy who would be more than willing to feed us,” Damien spoke as though he’d had this planned for years. I groaned and Christopher grabbed me and pulled me up.
    “Should I make her pack or do you have it in the bag?” He asked.
    “I’ve got it. Though if it would be possible to take her with me to get her some suitable clothes for Italy that would be wonderful,” The dark blue eyed boy spoke. I groaned again.
    “That would be just fine. I’d been meaning for some time alone with Xander. There are things we must discuss,” Before I knew it I was being shoved into a black Mercedes to go shopping. I hated shopping.
    “You seem against this prinzessin,” He spoke quietly and it sounded as though he was hurt.
    “I don’t like you. Okay I do a little but I don’t want to marry you. I don’t even know my parents or if I have any siblings or if my parents are alive!” I felt like crying and Damien seemed to know it. He pulled over and turned to face me.
    “I’m sorry Rayne. I never meant anything I said in class or around anyone else. Your parents betrothed you to me because when I was five and you were two I would never stop asking to go over to see you. I’ve loved you since you were born. Everyone knew it but there was the war stopping everything. They sent us away to live with abusive families in hopes that we might never remember. But I do remember. I remember everything. Your smile whenever you saw me, the way you’d grab onto my finger and never let go. Everything. You were to young to remember it but I do. Damnit Rayne I love you,” I froze and tears began to fall. No one ever loved me. Xander did but only him. No one cared. I began to cry even harder because I wanted him to hold me so badly that I hated myself. Damien knew I’d hate him even more if he touched me and so he backed off. He began driving and honestly I didn’t care where. We pulled up to a gigantic house and despite my tired pleas he carried me inside.
    “My lord is that-?” I heard someone ask in shock.
    “Yes. Is the room set up?” Damien responded.
    “Yes my lord. Follow me,” I could feel Damien walking. Soon enough I heard a door open and I was set on a bed.
    “I’ll have a lady come in to help you put on a night gown,” Damien whispered.
    “No night gown, pajama pants and a tank top,” I murmured.
    “That can be arranged.” He walked away from the bed side. “Jilly could you please come up here?” I heard him ask. I didn’t hear the reply but soon Damien was out of the room and a girl was there. I wasn’t much of a help as she undressed and redressed me. I could feel fuzzy pants and a cotton tank top. The girl pulled up the blanket around me.
    “Good night my lady,” She whispered before she left. I fell asleep and was captivated by dreams of war by vampires.

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