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    A request for a Poster for Rise of Orgini.


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    A request for a Poster for Rise of Orgini.

    Post by Fluttershy on Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:57 pm

    OKAY SO I'm doing this for the Second time as my computer crashed the first time. ((18:32:41) PikaCJ: Xephina's computer: Trololo) also, sorry if this is in the wrong place. feel free to do whatever if it is.

    So basicly I told some people about this Sequel to Shadow Of Israphel called Rise of Orgini. With Kun's help i got a part (Thanks for the billionth time!) So I figured I could advertise this at my school(Because of my friends who were jelly of me for getting a part) and cause I believe its going to be recorded. So what i was thinking is we could have "Rise of Orgini" At the top, with a few cast members at the bottom. I'd suggest watching a little bit of the first episode of the Original so you know what to look for when finding the skins for Simon and Lewis, because I won't find them for you. (I recomend looking on Miners Need Cool Shoes for them.) and then the other people that will be on it are LadyMariaSan(Me), Kagegami96(I think that was the name), and B.A.T. Which are here: Kagegami, B.A.T, LadyMariaSan.
    now that we have those, I want to give you an example post from the original SoI again.(The poster was prob fan made.)
    Example picture
    Now All i'm asking here if for what they did at the bottom with Simon and Lewis, Except with the people we're playing with. I also demand to be next to Lewis. JS. CX These people are: Adament Ace (Xephos), OllieDoesGaming (Honeydew), B.A.T (Thief Altari), Kagegami98 (Shadowlord_Kagegami), LadyMariaSan (Phaedra). The rest I'm going to say is all you. do whatever you think looks best. (IF YOU WANT TO have some more characters in it, This is the fourm with the character list.)

    That is all.

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