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    PO-TH .MOV MLP Parody re-inactments! :P


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    PO-TH .MOV MLP Parody re-inactments! :P

    Post by Fluttershy on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:20 pm

    So me and Darkinvader where goofing around, and decided to do this little thing with Shed.MOV.
    A few things are, Dark didn't get the words all exactly correct. Sorry bout that. Stuff with /sendall that wasn't needed was cut out, And the parts after ~~~~ Were all me cause Dark got tired. I was Fluttershy untill after ~~~~ soz most of this was dark C: I'm gunna update this if we do the others. (prob just me tho)

    (16:35:19) Applebloom: Hey Girls I Finally Got My Cutie Mark I Got My Cutie MArk!
    (16:35:55) Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo:*run away*
    (16:36:52) Spike The Swag Dino: babababbababababababbbbabababababa
    (16:37:14) Rainbow Dash:sheshesheshehshesheshe
    (16:37:31) Pinkie Pie:ammamamaamammamamamammamamamammama
    (16:38:53) Rainbow Dash:Hey Wait Up You assholes Where The F*ck Are Going?!
    (16:39:35) Spike The Swag Dino: Twilight Said We Need To Find The Helements Of Armory
    (16:39:48) Spike The Swag Dino: We have to look in fluttershy's shed
    (16:40:43) Pinkie Pie:Wait A Minute Didn't Fluttershy said something about people going in her shed
    (16:41:16) Spike The Swag Dino: Hmmmmm*flashbacks*
    (16:41:56) Rainbow Dash:Hey Fluttershy wanna play spin the bottle with us?
    (16:42:06) Fluttershy: Aheheheh Cmon You Guys Don't Tease Me I'm Shy! Eeheh. StayOutOfMyShed.
    (16:43:17) Rainbow Dash:Yo I'm bored wanna hang out with fluttershy?
    (16:43:40) Pinkie Pie:OKAY!
    (16:44:12) Rainbow Dash:Hehehehe Take This You Stupid Cunt! Welcome To Ponyville ButtaBOOM!!!
    (16:44:24) Fluttershy: Ehoho, Good one guys! You really got me! Stay out of my shed.
    (16:45:16) Announcer:And This Years Prom Queen Is! Fluttershy!!!
    (16:45:27) Fluttershy: OH MY GOD, Now that i've won this, I finally like myself!
    (16:45:53) Rainbow Dash:this is gonna be so fucking rad!
    (16:46:14) Pinkie Pie:*pulls down rope*
    (16:46:30) audience: Ahhh!!!!
    (16:47:05) Spike The Swag Dino: heyyy guyys fluttershy is all wet! huhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuh
    (16:47:21) audience: *laughs*
    (16:47:46) Rainbow Dash:thats my period you dumb bitch THATS MY PERIOD!!!!
    (16:48:33) Spike The Swag Dino: I Think She Said We're Welcome In Her Shed
    (16:48:40) *** Spike The Swag Dino opens the door ***
    (16:48:46) Spike The Swag Dino: OMG!!!!!
    (16:48:56) Spike The Swag Dino: Look At All This Porn!
    (16:49:13) Rainbow Dash:*wing boner* Swag
    (16:49:59) Pinkie Pie:Fluttershy sure has some weird art
    (16:50:35) Rainbow Dash:Well What Do You Expect From Some Quiet Bitch Who Lives In The Woods?
    (16:51:08) Pinkie Pie:ikr what a freak! hehehehehehehheheh
    (16:57:07) Spike The Swag Dino: Oh GOD! Look at what she did to Derpy! She turned her into a.. Decorative toaster Cozy..!
    (16:57:33) Fluttershy: Hey hey heey.
    (16:58:02) Fluttershy: What I tell yall' about coming in MY SHED!?
    (16:58:21) Spike The Swag Dino: Well we're fucked.
    (16:58:39) Fluttershy: *Snaps* Take it away fellas.
    (16:59:17) Dead Animals: *Taps at their ribs*
    (16:59:54) Fluttershy: I'm guunna sing a song for yoou. *Points at Rainbow, Pinkie, and Spike.*
    (17:00:28) Pinkie Pie And Spike: *Jumps out window*
    (17:00:47) Fluttershy: And I'm gunna show you a thing or twoo.
    (17:01:00) *** Fluttershy Pulls swich. ***
    (17:01:16) Rainbow Dash: *Falls into a chair*
    (17:01:58) Fluttershy: So have a seat my dear and if its all the same.
    (17:02:13) Fluttershy: Just sit back and relax, WHILE I EAT YOUR BRAAIN.
    (17:02:44) Dead animals: LaLaLaLaaLaaaBraaaiin.
    (17:02:59) Fluttershy: BrainBrainBRAAIN
    (17:03:14) *** Fluttershy cuts Rainbows head open. ***
    (17:03:55) Police Car: *Sirens*
    (17:04:23) Police Pony: *Breaks In* ALRIGHT ALRIGHT WHATS GOING ON IN HERE?
    (17:04:40) Fluttershy: Ummm... This isn't what it looks like?
    (17:04:47) Fluttershy: Hoho.
    (17:05:38) *** Fluttershy gets pulled by Asylum staff and thrown into a cell. ***
    (17:06:07) Spike The Swag Dino: Why have things been so weird around here lately?
    (17:06:27) Pinkie Pie: My daddy makes me put glass in my vagina.
    (17:06:44) Spike The Swag Dino: Yeah okay well good luck with that *walks away*

    (17:24:37) Applejack: Boy, let me tell ya', I sure do love apples.
    (17:25:15) Twilight Sparkle: Applejack, what are you doing? You can't eat all those fucking apples!
    (17:25:35) Applejack: FUCK YOU I CAN'T EAT ALL THESE APPLES!
    (17:25:57) *** Applejack Omnomnoms apples out of the barel. ***
    (17:26:23) Twilight Sparkle: Man! I've never seen a pony eat so many apples!
    (17:26:39) *** Applejack keeps eating apples in unusuall ways. ***
    (17:27:27) Rainbow Dash: Whoaa Applejack, you eat all those apples and your gunna get a wicked bad tummyache!
    (17:27:44) *** Applejack licks apple weirdly then eats. ***
    (17:28:05) *** Applejack then goes face first into the barel and continues nomming. ***
    (17:29:13) *** Applejack says something with a mouthfull of apples. ***
    (17:29:49) Fluttershy: Hey hey hey hey, this I gotta see!
    (17:30:27) Applejack: *pretends apples are buck teeth* Hey look sugarcubes, I'm a walrus! *walrus sounds*
    (17:30:59) Pinkie Pie: Man Applejack, you eat all those apples your gunna get a wicked bad tummyache!
    (17:31:35) Rainbow Dash: Awh no way, I just said the same thing you crazy cunt! *laughs*
    (17:31:44) Twilight Sparkle: GO APPLEJACK GO!
    (17:31:58) Applejack: *Finishes apples.* Aaah.
    (17:32:44) Spike: Oh my god! Applejack, your crazy dude! Pfffttt
    (17:33:04) *** Applejack bucks Spike into a tree. ***
    (17:33:07) Applejack: MORE APPLES.
    (17:33:29) *** Applejack grabs another thing of apples and noms ***
    (17:34:02) *AWESOME DRUGTRIP SCEEN.*
    (17:34:49) *** Applejack spazzes out on the ground. ***
    (17:35:30) Spike: Yo Applejack... You alright?
    (17:35:42) *** Applejack regrugitates whole apple. ***
    (17:35:56) Spike: Yeah your gunna be fine.
    (17:36:20) Twilight Sparkle: Let me tell you, that pony sure does love apples!
    (17:36:50) *** Applejack wakes up and eats regurgitated apple. ***

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    Re: PO-TH .MOV MLP Parody re-inactments! :P

    Post by Kira Light on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:24 pm

    Huh? Oh, must be My Little Pony stuff.

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    Re: PO-TH .MOV MLP Parody re-inactments! :P

    Post by Fluttershy on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:34 pm

    Kira Light wrote:Huh? Oh, must be My Little Pony stuff.

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    Re: PO-TH .MOV MLP Parody re-inactments! :P

    Post by Kun on Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:15 pm

    wathefuck? period.

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    Re: PO-TH .MOV MLP Parody re-inactments! :P

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