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    Tournament Rules (REQUIRED READING)

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    Tournament Rules (REQUIRED READING)

    Post by harsha on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:01 pm

    Official Tournament Rules
    This is a note for all of you who would like to host a tournament and need a starting point. First you would need to come up with an idea for the tournament itself. This includes what tier the tournament would be held in, what special rules the tournament would have, what clauses would be held, what Pokémon are banned, and things of that nature. Please decide this before shooting a PM to any of the tournament directors. Now generally, we want people who will be able to be on the server regularly to host these, and we also would like only those who regularly battle to join these. The tournament directors are Rick, Kira Light, Crossfire12, and myself. Please PM us (by clicking the link of the tournament director you wish to talk to) with further questions regarding tournaments.

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