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    The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok


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    The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok

    Post by Trinitrotoluene on Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:31 am

    The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok
    A 5th Gen. Wifi OU RMT by Harsha and Rick

    Harsha's thoughts will be in orange while mine (Rick's) will be in green.


    First off, thank you Harsha. Now, reader, please read the rest of this RMT.

    Read the chat log, as seen in the spoilers, first. That marks the beginnings of this team. In the log below, I am under the alt Trinitrotoluene while Harsha is under the alt wishful_thinking and all other variants of that username.

    Chat Log:
    (17:20) wishful_thinking 2.0: Hey, Rick! May I have a test battle?
    (17:21) Trinitrotoluene: Yep.
    (17:21) wishful_thinking 2.0: Alrighty thanks!
    (17:27) Trinitrotoluene: Good game.
    (17:27) wishful_thinking: Indeed.
    (17:27) Trinitrotoluene: Told you Breloom can cause trouble.
    (17:27) wishful_thinking: I guess Celebi is a no-go.
    (17:27) wishful_thinking: And yeah.
    (17:28) wishful_thinking: It caused a lot of trouble.
    (17:28) Trinitrotoluene: Celebi does help, but appropriate support renders that moot.
    (17:28) wishful_thinking: Namely the Heatran.
    (17:29) Trinitrotoluene: Scizor enforces offensive pressure.
    (17:29) wishful_thinking: U-Turn is always a threat.
    (17:29) Trinitrotoluene: So is Volt Switch.
    (17:30) wishful_thinking: And you can't really do much about it, unless you pack Super Effective moves.
    (17:30) wishful_thinking: Yeah.
    (17:30) Trinitrotoluene: The combination of U-turn and Volt Switch helps maintain offensive pressure.
    (17:30) wishful_thinking: Hmm... What about a team with three Volt-Turners? Would more options work..?
    (17:31) Trinitrotoluene: ToF's team, which utilized 6 Volt-Turners, made the archive. It can be seen here:
    (17:31) Trinitrotoluene:
    (17:32) wishful_thinking: It made the archive?!
    (17:32) Trinitrotoluene: Yep.
    (17:32) wishful_thinking: Oh, that's right. I remember this team.
    (17:32) Trinitrotoluene: IB's team (Fable) made the archive as well:
    (17:32) Trinitrotoluene:
    (17:32) wishful_thinking: Didn't realize it had 6 Volt-Turners, though.
    (17:32) wishful_thinking: Oh? Rapid Spinning Mole?
    (17:33) wishful_thinking: And a SupportDos.
    (17:33) Trinitrotoluene: This RMT inspired me to use the more offensive SupportDos
    (17:33) Trinitrotoluene: .
    (17:34) wishful_thinking: Oh, so this must have been a few months back? I remember your SupportDos.
    (17:35) wishful_thinking: Hmm... I've had an idea!
    (17:35) wishful_thinking: 2Drag2Mag + a Volt-Turn core.
    (17:36) Trinitrotoluene: You know, let's build a team with that in mind!
    (17:36) wishful_thinking: Very Happy
    (17:36) Trinitrotoluene: Except, I want to use Wobby instead of another Mag.
    (17:36) wishful_thinking: It sounds interesting.
    (17:36) wishful_thinking: And that would work.
    (17:37) Trinitrotoluene: By the way, here's the anime series I got my new avatar from:
    (17:37) Trinitrotoluene:
    (17:37) wishful_thinking: Hmm. Is Haxorus obligatory?
    (17:37) Trinitrotoluene: No.
    (17:37) wishful_thinking: And is that OnePiece?
    (17:37) Trinitrotoluene: No.
    (17:37) wishful_thinking: Oh never mind.
    (17:37) wishful_thinking: Lol.
    (17:37) Trinitrotoluene: It's interesting, to say the least.
    (17:38) wishful_thinking: Hmm. I cannot say I've heard of it. Seems DragonBallZ-esque?
    (17:38) Trinitrotoluene: More down-to-earth.
    (17:39) wishful_thinking: Sounds interesting. I may give it a look over the weekend!
    (17:39) Trinitrotoluene: It's funny, and the fights are intense. My younger brother, who was introduced to it by my cousin, introduced me to it.
    (17:40) wishful_thinking: Well, I'll take your word.
    (17:40) Trinitrotoluene: If we are to make this team (2drag+2mag+Volt-Turn), we'll most likely need to find room for Stealth Rock.
    (17:40) wishful_thinking: Oh yeah...
    (17:40) wishful_thinking: Dragons do appreciate hazards..
    (17:41) Trinitrotoluene: Should we use Dragonite or Haxorus?
    (17:41) wishful_thinking: I was thinking Dragonite, as it has access to Multiscale, but Haxorus's sheer power is tempting...
    (17:42) Trinitrotoluene: Well, if we can't Spin them away, then we'll need to find a way around it.
    (17:42) Trinitrotoluene: Them = Stealth Rock.
    (17:42) wishful_thinking: Hmm...
    (17:42) wishful_thinking: Does Magic Bounce sound appealing?
    (17:42) Trinitrotoluene: Maybe.
    (17:42) wishful_thinking: *Magic Coat
    (17:43) Trinitrotoluene: Sounds good.
    (17:43) Trinitrotoluene: However, it seems slightly excessive and over-reliant on prediction.
    (17:43) wishful_thinking: It feels like this team suffers from 6-Pokemon syndrome.
    (17:43) wishful_thinking: And yeah, that's true.
    (17:44) Trinitrotoluene: Ah well. Sheer offensive pressure should be enough to make it through.
    (17:44) wishful_thinking: I certainly hope so.
    (17:44) wishful_thinking: So Wobbufett is Mag1. I'll assume we'll go with Magnezone as Mag2, right?
    (17:44) Trinitrotoluene: Yep.
    (17:45) wishful_thinking: And Rotom-W is pretty much glue on a Volt-Turn combo.
    (17:46) Trinitrotoluene: Specs or Scarf Rotom? Bulky or standard Wobby?
    (17:47) wishful_thinking: I have no experience whatsoever with Wobby, so I'll leave that to you.
    (17:47) wishful_thinking: And is Specs Rotom-W efficient? Most people assume that it'll be Scarfed, so it could contain a surprise factor.
    (17:47) Trinitrotoluene: Either or.
    (17:48) wishful_thinking: I think Specs would be interesting, though I am pretty familiar with Scarf, and I know you are too.
    (17:48) Trinitrotoluene: Yep.
    (17:48) Trinitrotoluene: We'll give Specs a shot.
    (17:49) wishful_thinking: Alrighty. Sounds like it could be pretty fun.
    (17:49) wishful_thinking: Scizor / Landorus?
    (17:50) Trinitrotoluene: Landbro is not advised, especially since we're utilizing Dragons.
    (17:51) wishful_thinking: Oh right. Forgot about Ice.
    (17:51) Trinitrotoluene: Scizor seems like a good idea.
    (17:51) wishful_thinking: So that leaves us with Scizor. His weaknesses are covered.
    (17:51) wishful_thinking: Rather, his weakness.
    (17:51) Trinitrotoluene: Fire? LOL I HAVE DRAGONS! umad Ninetales?
    (17:52) wishful_thinking: Lol.
    (17:52) wishful_thinking: Errr. So it's Magnezone, Wobby, Rotom-W, Scizor, ____, ____.
    (17:53) wishful_thinking: There's the momentum portion, and then we can deal with Steels and threats with the two Mags.
    (17:53) Trinitrotoluene: Magnezone can mess with the slower Steels and Wobby can torment the faster ones.
    (17:54) Trinitrotoluene: By the way, make sure to save this chat log, so we can save our team building processes should we make an RMT of this team.
    (17:54) wishful_thinking: Then we're set with that part.
    (17:54) wishful_thinking: Ok.
    (17:54) wishful_thinking: Will do.
    (17:54) Trinitrotoluene: I'll save it too, so that way we can ensure there's no dispute.
    (17:55) wishful_thinking: Sure thing. We won't lose it that way.
    (17:55) wishful_thinking: Would you like to try Dragonite?
    (17:55) Trinitrotoluene: Maybe.
    (17:56) wishful_thinking: Actually...
    (17:56) wishful_thinking: Without a Spinner, Haxorus has its merits as well.
    (17:56) Trinitrotoluene: Yeah. Let's use Haxorus.
    (17:56) wishful_thinking: Alright. We don't have to worry about Rocks, then.
    (17:57) wishful_thinking: Do you want a Specially based Dragon in the last spot?
    (17:57) Trinitrotoluene: I think Latios should be used.
    (17:58) Trinitrotoluene: No Hidden Power [Fire]. That makes it slower than the fastest Cloyster.
    (17:58) wishful_thinking: That's what I was thinking.
    (17:58) wishful_thinking: And I never knew that.
    (17:58) Trinitrotoluene: I want to have Cloyster covered in more ways than one.
    (17:58) wishful_thinking: That's always a good thing. And we'll go with Psyshock / Psychic, then?
    (17:59) Trinitrotoluene: We'll look that over later.
    (17:59) wishful_thinking: Alright.
    (17:59) wishful_thinking: So now we have the team laid out.
    (18:08) Trinitrotoluene: Regarding Woblooffet, what should be used for the last moveslot? Tickle or Safeguard?
    (18:09) Harsha: Lol. Is Tickle effective?
    (18:09) Harsha: Safeguard could be useful, but Tickle sounds like it could be very annoying.
    (18:09) Trinitrotoluene: It depends on the spread.
    (18:09) Harsha: Is Tickle for less Defensively oriented spreads?
    (18:09) Trinitrotoluene: Tickle is preferred with the fast EV spread while Safeguard is preferred with a bulkier, slower EV spread.
    (18:10) Harsha: I see. That makes sense.
    (18:10) Harsha: Hmm.
    (18:10) Harsha: Well, we could Encore a status move...
    (18:10) Trinitrotoluene: Encore is a given.
    (18:11) Harsha: Alright. So how fast are we talking?
    (18:11) Trinitrotoluene: Fast as in maximum Timid Wobby.
    (18:11) Trinitrotoluene: Spread can be seen here:
    (18:11) Trinitrotoluene:
    (18:11) Harsha: Yeah. I want to know what kind of Speed we're dealing with.
    (18:12) Harsha: Oh thanks.
    (18:12) Harsha: Oh. Not very fast.
    (18:12) Harsha: Lol.
    (18:12) Harsha: Well, it's not like I expected much more Speed.
    (18:13) Harsha: Hmm. I think Tickle sounds good, as we have Scizor.
    (18:13) Harsha: Who can Pursuit. As they say, "Tickle works best when paired with a Pursuit user, ensuring that the target will not just switch out for free. Safeguard offers status protection, but Wobbuffet's low Speed makes it likely it'll be inflicted with status before Safeguard can be used."
    (18:14) Trinitrotoluene: Scizor.
    (18:14) Harsha: So we'll go with Tickle?
    (18:14) Trinitrotoluene: Yep.
    (18:14) Trinitrotoluene: Assuming we'll be using the fast spread.
    (18:15) Harsha: I'll leave his spread to you. I usually go with 252 | 4 | 252 spreads unless I know of a better one, so I guess it's the fast spread.
    (18:16) Trinitrotoluene: We'll go with the fast spread seen in the analysis.
    (18:17) Harsha: So we now have him covered.
    (18:17) Harsha: I'm assuming we'll go with the standard Haxorus, right?
    (18:17) Trinitrotoluene: Yep.
    (18:17) Harsha: Well, two down. And Scizor is a given.
    (18:18) Harsha: Well, as for the spread, do you want to go SDefensive?
    (18:18) Harsha: Or just all out Attack?
    (18:20) Trinitrotoluene: I'd like to use the spread seen in my RMT.
    (18:20) Harsha: I'll go check that out.
    (18:20) Harsha: Ok, so the SDefensive.
    (18:21) Harsha: He takes hits a lot better.
    (18:28) Harsha: Hey, I'll save these logs. I have to go...
    (18:28) Harsha: Thanks for doing this with me, though!
    If you read the chat log, then the basics of this team can be seen. After Harsha left, I decided to work on the sets of this team on my own, for some practice. I fine-tuned the team and thought carefully about what sets I should use. Upon establishing the sets for the team, I figured that I would name them after the main villains in an anime I've been watching recently, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. Boredom can do that to a person.

    As Rick said, we basically brainstormed and came up with the members of the team until I had to leave. Rick then went to work and made the sets themselves. The team impresses me, but Rick has been able to use it better than I have, as he is the better battler.


    Loki (Rotom-W) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP / 216 Def / 40 SAtk
    Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Volt Switch
    - Hydro Pump
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Pain Split

    Freya (Scizor) (F) @ Choice Band
    Trait: Technician
    EVs: 248 HP / 56 Atk / 204 SDef
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Bullet Punch
    - U-turn
    - Pursuit
    - Superpower

    Thor (Magnezone) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Magnet Pull
    EVs: 36 HP / 252 SAtk / 220 Spd
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Substitute
    - Charge Beam
    - Thunderbolt
    - Hidden Power [Ice]

    Siegfried (Wobbuffet) (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Shadow Tag
    EVs: 200 Def / 56 SDef / 252 Spd
    Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Counter
    - Mirror Coat
    - Encore
    - Tickle

    Berserker (Haxorus) (M) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Mold Breaker
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Outrage
    - Earthquake
    - Brick Break
    - Dragon Claw

    Odin (Latios) (M) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Draco Meteor
    - Surf
    - Psyshock
    - Trick

    Team Building Process

    DRAG | DRAG | MAG | MAG | Volt-Turner | Volt-Turner

    This was the base of the team that Harsha and I laid out. We both wanted six team members that would fit into the roles listed out here. I quickly pointed out that Wobbuffet should be considered over a second Mag, because of its ability to revenge kill efficiently. After some more deliberation, we also decided that Rotom-W was a given in this team. Its wonderful defensive typing proved very useful in supporting the team. Afterwards, it was a toss-up between Scizor and Landorus for the place of second Volt-Turner. While Harsha initially suggested Landorus, I decided to suggest Scizor because of its typing and priority Bullet Punch, which helped against Terrakion and other boosted Pokemon. We settled it soon, as seen below.

    I approached Rick with the idea of an unconventional 2Drag2Mag team, and he quickly agreed. We then went on to choose the Pokemon that fit the team. As Rick stated, he quickly thought of Wobbufett to effectively trap counters to our team. Rotom-W was quickly chosen as a Volt-Turner because it could cripple opposing teams with Will-O-Wisp. I brought Landorus to the table, as my latest team took advantage of him, while Rick brought up Scizor.

    DRAG | DRAG | | | or |

    We've decided to determine the Drags we intended on using in this phase of building, after determining that we wanted to use Scizor. We chose Scizor over Landorus because of its better typing and more solid advantages it brought to the table. Also, priority is amazing when used to deal with boosting sweepers. Harsha brought up Dragonite as our first Dragon, because of Multiscale and its rather impressive movepool. I brought up Haxorus because of its superior Speed and arguably better typing. I didn't want to use two physical Dragons at the time because of overlapping coverage, but now that I think about it, I'm more receptive to the idea.

    As Rick stated, Scizor was chosen due to the priority he brought to the table. For our Dragons, I suggested Dragonite, and Rick brought Haxorus up. Though I thought that Dragonite would be a great fit because he can use Multiscale to set up, Haxorus had its merits because we lack a Spinner and it had a higher Base Attack and Speed.

    or | DRAG | | | |

    We ended up choosing Haxorus because it lacked a weakness to Stealth Rock and had a higher base Attack stat than Dragonite. It was then we decided to deliberate on the second drag. Harsha suggested Latios, and I agreed. We then decided to fine-tune the sets we were to use for the individual team members.

    After we realized that there was no room for a Spinner we settled on Haxorus. Latios offered great coverage, Speed, and the opportunity to cripple Stall, so he was a no-brainer. With Latios, the team was completed, and Rick worked his magic to create the sets.

    | | | | |
    Team At A Glance

    The Team in Detail


    | | Levitate
    252 HP / 216 Def / 40 SpA | 0 Atk
    Bold Nature

    ~ Volt Switch
    ~ Hydro Pump
    ~ Will-O-Wisp
    ~ Pain Split

    "This is really starting to get old. It's time we ended this, don't you think?" ~Loki, to Kenichi

    Rotom-w serves as the defensive buffer and first component of the Volt-Turning core utilized in this team. While a more offensive set may have been more desirable, I for one think that this defensive set plays better with the team. When I use the team, I'll typically lead with Rotom-W when I see that my opponent can't really do much against it. I'll also use it if I have nothing better to lead with. However, I will leave it in reserve if I know that I'll need it later on in the match. While Loki can't deal with Gastrodon directly, that's left to the other teammates. Volt Switch helps create and preserve momentum for the team while Hydro Pump is amazing STAB that keeps several potential threats to the team, such as Gliscor and Donphan, in check. Will-O-Wisp deters physically-inclined attackers from switching in (unless said sweeper happens to be a Conkeldurr). Pain Split enhances its longevity on the field whilst letting it deal with its biggest nemesis, the blobs. The EVs are unusual and were drawn from ToF's RMT (When in Doubt, U-turn Out!) while the IVs in conjunction with the nature minimize confusion damage.

    Rotom-W came from ToF's When in Doubt, U-Turn Out!, which happened to go to the Smogon RMT Archive. The set allows us to cripple Physically offensive threats while maintaining pressure on opponents. Volt-Switch preserves the momentum, and is a very useful move. Pain Split allows Rotom-W to heal itself while stealing the opponent's HP, which is always a good thing. Will-O-Wisp is what landed Rotom-W a role on our team. Burning Physical attackers is very useful because it allows us to sweep with our Dragons with ease. Hydro Pump, the last move on the set, is great because it hits very hard, especially if the opponent has Rain up. The EVs allow us to take a lot of hits on the Physical side, and give us good bulk. As stated, 0 Atk IVs minimize Confusion damage. Levitate is cool because we escape Spikes and Toxic Spikes damage, which is usually a problem for this sort of team.

    The Fourth Fist's name, Loki, was given to Rotom-W because of its shifty methods of beating down its opponent while being able to maintain a threatening offensive presence toward my opponent. Rotom-W also provides solid, consistent power for the team. It, just like Loki, however cannot beat down more defensive targets, and tends to leave that to its teammates.


    | Female | | Technician
    248 HP / 56 Atk / 204 SpD
    Adamant Nature

    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ U-turn
    ~ Pursuit
    ~ Superpower

    "Women naturally have less power than men. That's why we have to rely on weapons to beat them." ~Freya, to Valkyrie (Kisara)

    Scizor composes the second part of the Volt-Turning core of this team. However, unlike what I've done with Scizor in the past, I've decided to utilize a more defensive spread in order to increase its slight longevity. I'll play Scizor rather carefully, using it to scout my opponent's team before springing into action with its powerful Bullet Punch (despite the lessened Attack investment). I also will use it to knock out opposing Latios locked into a Draco Meteor with Pursuit. Should I see a Magnezone on the opposing team, I'll let Scizor act as bait and then Superpower it on the switch for a OHKO. Its third function is as a lead against Sand teams when I know that I have to keep Rotom-W in reserve (such cases include seeing a Celebi on my opponent's Sand team or leading against teams with Espeon). Bullet Punch is the key to Scizor's eternal success in OU while U-turn lets it complete the Volt-Turning core present in this team. Pursuit gives Latios the scares while Superpower lets it punish Heatran and Magnezone that attempt to switch in and capitalize on a switch-out, or in the case of Magnezone, a trapped Pokemon locked into a weak move. The EVs guaranteed that it lives through an unboosted Modest Celebi's Hidden Power Fire assuming it's at full health (252 SpAtk Celebi Hidden Power Fire vs 248 HP/204 SpDef Scizor: 79.3% - 93.29%) while maintaining a premise of power.

    This is a standard Choice Band Scizor set that is very effective, as it keeps the opponent on his (or her) heels. As Rick stated above, the EVs allow Scizor to most likely live through a Hidden Power Fire from a 252 SAtk Celebi, as long as Stealth Rock is off the field. U-Turn is Scizor's best asset; it allows her to keep offensive pressure on the opponent, limiting his (or her) defensive decisions. Bullet Punch is the main reason we chose Scizor. It allows her to effectively kill weakened threats, and is a godsend for this team. Pursuit is for fleeing foes who most likely are Lati@s. Superpower allows us to beat down traps like Magnezone or Heatran, and in turn takes out opposing Steels. Choice Band adds a lot of Attack to Scizor's already high arsenal, and is useful for nabbing KOs. Part 2 of our Volt-Turning core is great at what she does, and I love the offensive pressure she brings to our team.

    I gave Scizor Freya's name because of their similarities. Freya doesn't use a full-sized staff, but can still launch very powerful hits with it. In that same way, Scizor, despite not being fully invested, can still do a hefty amount of damage with its attacks.


    | | Magnet Pull
    36 HP / 252 SpA / 220 Spe | 2 Atk / 30 Def
    Modest Nature

    ~ Substitute
    ~ Charge Beam
    ~ Thunderbolt

    ~ Hidden Power Ice

    "Underneath all the fat on my body is a layer of muscle like a suit of armor." ~Thor

    Magnezone is a very important piece of this team. He is part I of the trapping core utilized by the team and is often used to destroy my opponent's slower, more defensive Steel-type Pokemon that can and will impede the sweeps of the two Dragons used in this team by boosting its Special Attack stat slowly until the opponent is KOed. Should Magnezone have a Substitute intact, then it can go on and rampage until the Sub is broken. Should all opposing Steels capable of being dealt with by Magnezone be cleared, then I know I can sac it and move along. Should I find yet another Steel that can be dealt with beautifully by it, I'll keep it alive. It does its job with a ruthless level of efficiency and is one that I wouldn't consider replacing unless excellent reasoning is introduced into the argument. Alternatively, should I find Magnezone useless against my opponent, I'll keep it for use as a pivot (hey, it has twelve resistances and an immunity, so you might as well abuse them) so my team members can switch around more easily. Substitute and Charge Beam form the core of how the defensive Steels are broken down. Thunderbolt is powerful STAB that can put a dent in my opponent, even when unboosted. Hidden Power Ice forms a pseudo-BoltBeam coverage span that is absolutely loved. The EVs and nature let Magnezone perform its role as a Steel killer to the best of its ability while the IVs minimize confusion damage.

    Thor is arguably one of the MVPs of this team. The point of 2Drag2Mag is to take out Steels to allow Dragons to sweep, after all. Magnezone does just that. Thanks to Magnet Pull, we send him out on opposing Steel types to set up a Substitute. If this is done successfully, we just rack up Charge Beam boosts until the opponent faints. When completed, Magnezone hits like a tank with Thunderbolt. Hidden Power [Ice] is on the set to give Magnezone amazing coverage (BoltBeam) and lets him plow through opposing Dragons as well. If I feel like I don't need Magnezone after I take out the Steel, I'll just keep firing off powerful Thunderbolts and allow him to die. Then, it's time for my Dragons to sweep. If I see more threats on the opposing team that Magnezone needs to deal with, I'll allow him to live and hope the other members of the team can get the job done. Magnezone is very important to how the team functions, as he allows our Dragons to sweep unimpeded. I don't think I'd consider replacing him because he does so much for the team.

    Thor, being the god of thunder in Norse mythology and the namesake for the Combat Sumo wrestler in Ragnarok, was an appropriate name to give to Magnezone. Like the 7th Fist himself, Magnezone can take a variety of hits without being fazed. He also is slow and can hit hard with its attacks, in the pattern of Thor himself.


    | Male | | Shadow Tag
    200 Def / 56 SpD / 252 Spe | 0 Atk
    Bold Nature

    ~ Counter
    ~ Mirror Coat
    ~ Encore
    ~ Tickle


    "Raw combat is my only muse. Lalalalala." ~Siegfried

    Wobbuffet is arguably the most important piece of the team. His presence in the battlefield isn't dictated by its sheer offensive or defensive capabilities, but rather by its ability to open up opportunities for my other team members. Its unique and primary role in countering the threatening but frail Scarfers that can give my team a run for its money with their powerful attacks is what truly secures its place for me. Wobbuffet's secondary and arguably more important role is to trap and make useless opposing faster Steels that cannot be dealt with by Magnezone. I tend to be careful in the way I move Wobbuffet around the field, because it does so much for me. Counter and Mirror Coat enable Wobby to have a very menacing offensive presence while Encore and Tickle also add a menacing defensive presence to the seemingly placid Wobbuffet. The EVs allow it to outspeed the walls it needs to while being able to take hits from the offensive monsters in OU while the IVs minimize confusion damage. A side note: the Attack IVs don't affect the damage Counter does.

    Siegfried is one of the other magnets on the team, and likewise, he is very important. Wobbufett was Rick's suggestion, and he works pretty well. The EVs give us a good (under average, but still workable) of amount Speed to outspeed and annoy threats such as Conkeldurr and Reuniclus. Wobbufett takes their hits and Counters / Mirror Coats them back to deal double the damage. Encore is the trick to this set; Encoring Toxic allows us to bring in Scizor for a free attack or Magnezone to set up. Encoring moves from slower threats allows us to keep hitting the opponent harder than he (or she) hits us. Encoring hazards that the opponent lays can annoy them and give us a spare turn. Tickle is not used as often, but it allows us to force the opponent to switch out unless they want to be hit hard by Scizor or Haxorus. I believe the EVs and Nature are standard, and they allow Wobbufett to do what he does best: annoy. Shadow Tag allows Wobby to be the Mag that we need him to be and is the reason he's on the team. Wobbufett has proven to be very useful; however, I need more practice, as Rick wields him with more ease than I.

    Wobbuffet was given Siegfried's name because they fight off their opponents with similar methods. They both don't attack directly, but instead rely on their opponents attacking them first before they return the damage doublefold.


    | Male | | Mold Breaker
    252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
    Adamant Nature

    ~ Outrage
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Brick Break
    ~ Dragon Claw

    "When can I find someone that's on my level?" ~Berserker to Hermit, when fighting

    The first Drag of the team, Haxorus helps break down offensive teams once all opposing Steels that can wall it are down and out for the count. Mold Breaker helps it secure its position over other potential Dragons for this spot in the team. This lets it break down Pokemon with Levitate (such as Rotom-W and Bronzong) and opposing Dragonite at +1. I'll use Haxorus as a lead to maintain pressure early on in the game while luring out Steel-type Pokemon to be killed by Magnezone and / or Wobbuffet. That's what I like about having both Dragon Claw and Outrage. It gives me a choice. I can scout early on while being able to rend my opponent in the late game. Outrage is Haxorus's main STAB, which many OU Pokemon cannot keep up with. Earthquake is for the express purpose of nailing Steels I can't get with Magnezone (Heatran) or Wobbuffet (Bronzong). Brick Break lets me break down Screens offense without a sweat. Dragon Claw is for scouting purposes. It also lets Haxorus have a STAB attack that doesn't lock it in and leave it confused at the end. The EVs maximize power and speed. That's all Haxorus needs.

    Well, why do you think his name is Berserker? As the name implies, Haxorus goes berserk on the other team. His Attack is incredible, and with a Choice Scarf, his Speed is fairly high as well. Mold Breaker is an amazing Ability; it allows Haxorus to hit Rotom-W and Gengar hard with Earthquake while not having to be locked into Outrage. Earthquake and Brick Break are on the set for coverage; in fact, Dragon / Fight gets perfect coverage, if I recall correctly. I've used this pun before, but I'll say this again: Outrage is OUTRAGEOUSLY powerful, and it can KO most Pokemon who aren't dedicated Physical walls. If we don't want to get locked into a move for 2-3 turns, but we want Dragon coverage, we'll just go for a Dragon Claw. Haxorus is brought out when the opposing Steels are gone from the field due to either Wobbufett or Magnezone. After all resists are gone, you may as well call "GG." Haxorus is truly a monster. The EVs and Nature maximize Haxorus's Attack, while the Scarf and Speed EVs maximize Speed. These are the two stats needed for Haxorus to thrive, and so far, he hasn't let me down.

    I gave Haxorus Berserker's name because of the striking similarities they possess. They're both fast and can hit insanely hard with their attacks. Not much can keep up with their onslaught unless they're properly trained or have an unnatural resistance to such attacks.


    | Male | | Levitate
    252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe | 0 Atk
    Timid Nature

    ~ Draco Meteor
    ~ Surf
    ~ Psyshock
    ~ Trick


    "Tear the flesh and hit the bones. It's said often, but a guy that really does it is rare." ~Odin

    The second Drag and the faster of the two, Latios complements Haxorus by attacking on the opposing end of the spectrum. Its Draco Meteor is nearly without equal in OU. Latios also is one of my answers to Cloyster, whom otherwise can give my team a massive amount of trouble. Without Hidden Power Fire, Latios can't deal with Steels. However, that's what Wobby and Mag are for. When I see that Latios can create pressure for my opponent to deal with at the beginning of the match, I'll lead with it. Otherwise, I'll keep it in reserve until the need for it arises. Oftentimes, I'll reveal Latios in the midgame to create havoc and possibly kill off a few of my opponent's Pokemon. Against stall teams, I'll use Trick to incapacitate one of my opponent's walls before going in for the kill. Draco Meteor is immediate power without too much in terms of negative effects. Surf is notable coverage, being able to hit various Steels that resist Draco Meteor very hard. Psyshock lets Latios break Virizion, an otherwise nearly insurmountable threat for the team to face. Trick lets Latios limit the rampage of a sweeper and give my team more switching opportunities. The EVs are standard while the IVs minimize confusion damage. A Timid nature lets this Latios outspeed a +2 Jolly Cloyster when it's Scarfed.

    Odin, our second Dragon, is no less fearsome than our first. With his Choice Scarf and Trick, he cripples Stall. Blisseys and Chanseys that switch in will be very annoyed. Speed is the name of the game with Latios. A fast Draco Meteor will leave a dent in anything, bar the two Pokemon mentioned above. Surf adds great coverage, and Psyshock allows us to hit even dedicated Special walls, thanks to its effect. I usually bring Latios out after Steel types are gone, though if I bring it out mid game to hit something and my opponent packs Blissey or Chansey, I'll take my chances with Trick. Speaking of the blobs, Latios does 77.03% - 90.76% to Blissey with a Psyshock; that's how powerful he is. Levitate allows me to send Latios out on an impending Earthquake, and is a pretty cool Ability because I avoid Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Without a Spinner, this is very useful. The EVs are standard fare and max out Special Attack and Speed. There's not much to say other than Latios is a beast, as this set is fairly standard.

    Latios was a clear fit for Odin's name. Odin is naturally fast, powerful, and he becomes even more deadly when he removes his glasses. Latios is in a similar boat, except that removing his Scarf lets Latios attack with reckless abandon.

    One Last Glance at the Team

    Closing Comments

    I feel like Ogata Isshinsai after writing this RMT. Please think before commentating on it. All rates are appreciated. All sprites are from and all pictures aside from the wallpaper are from the anime Kenichi: the Mightiest Disciple. The wallpaper was made by noodlemie.

    Well, I'm going to take this opportunity to thank Rick for not only building this team with me, but also for making this amazing RMT. The formatting is out of this world. Anyhow, we'll take all suggestions into account and see if they improve the rate. Thanks for reading through!

    Wow, that took me a while to format.

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    Re: The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok

    Post by Kira Light on Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:17 am

    At first, I don't see any flaws. I'll edit this rate once Harsha's thoughts will be complete.


    I think this team may be weak to Choice Scarf Celebi with this set in particular:

    Celebi | Life Orb
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 4 HP | 252 SAtk | 252 Spe
    Mild Nature (-Def, +SAtk)
    ~ Leaf Storm
    ~ Hidden Power [Fire]
    ~ U-Turn
    ~ Earth Power

    Were it to use Hidden Power [Fire] on the Specially defensive Scizor, it would still do 96.8%-113.88%, so 75% chance of a OHKO. If hazards are up on your side(since you have no spinners), it's a guaranteed OHKO.

    Celebi using Leaf Storm on Rotom-W...164.32%-194.19%.
    Celebi using Earth Power on Magnezone...135.17%-160%.
    Celebi using U-Turn on Wobboffet...27.64%-32.63%.
    Celebi using U-Turn on Latios...40.53%-47.84%.

    Well, I think you could still deal with Celebi, but you should still deal with it carefully. Hazards would be beneficial to lay pressure on Celebi, who will have to switch out a lot. Predictibility works wonders here. I'll add more to this rate later.

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    Re: The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok

    Post by harsha on Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:45 pm

    Sorry about the double post, but I think this thread deserves a bump. This is a reply to Gonogo's rate. I can't say I worry about that Celebi. It doesn't really exist in this meta game. In fact, the only time I've heard of a similar Celebi is on an old team: When in Doubt, U-Turn Out!, and even then, that Celebi had Hidden Power [Ice]. I don't think he's much of a threat, to be honest. Also, you say it's weak to Choice Scarf Celebi "with [that] set in particular," but that's a Life Orb set. Celebi with a Choice Scarf is dealt with by prediction, and Celebi with a Life Orb is dealt with by Wobbufett. Not much to it. Thanks for the rate, though.

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    Re: The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok

    Post by Trinitrotoluene on Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:19 pm

    Gonogo, the Celebi listed has trouble dealing with Siegfried, Berserker, and Odin. Scarfed Celebi has trouble with Siegfried, Freya, Berserker, and Odin. Celebi isn't that big of a problem. Thanks for the rate though.


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    Re: The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok

    Post by Kira Light on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:48 am

    Aside from the lack of hazards being able to be set up by your team, it is rather efficient as a non-weather team. It does well in putting pressure on your opponent.

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    Re: The Eight Deadly Fists of Ragnarok

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