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    RMT Archive Index

    Post by harsha on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:37 am

    As the description states this is the RMT Archive, where outstanding teams go. Teams deemed to be outstanding will be moved here. Do not ask for your team to be moved here; if it truly is outstanding, a panel of judges will decide upon whether or not it will be moved here. Have a nice day.

    BW OU:

    The Twin Terrors of the Rain, by Rick

    Rick's team shows a rather great and very effective example of non-Swift Swim rain offense focusing on abusing Thundurus, a suspect at the time, and his "twin" brother Tornadus to break down the opponent's team and eventually sweep with one of them. Gliscor's efficiency at stopping Sandstorm sweepers is also shown here.

    Astronaut Funk, by Harsha

    Harsha's team abuses powerful rain sweepers to break down walls and eventually sweep. Once special walls are gone, Tornadus can sweep, while once physical walls are destroyed, Terrakion gets its chance. While the team had a weakness to Rotom-W, it was able to get around it by using paralysis to both cripple it and turn it into a liability. Forretress's effectiveness in both spinning and supporting the team is shown, along with an unnatural Jirachi to take down Magnezone.

    Speedy Assault, by Kira Light

    Kira's exemplary balance team showcases the might of late-game sweeper Sharpedo when used with the correct support. Slowbro, Virizion, and Heatran form a great Fire / Water / Grass core that acts as a good defensive buffer, with Landorus helping out at the front as a scout. Magnezone punishes Steel-types that try to hamper sweeps, and makes a great partner especially for the removal of Ferrothorn.

    Eruption, by Harsha

    This sun team made by Harsha is responsible for introducing the use of Magma Storm on Heatran to help Dugtrio trap and kill Pokemon that wall his main sweeper, Venusaur. He also utilized Starmie, an unusual choice of Spinner for sun teams, to check rain teams more effectively and keep his Pokemon healthy by making sure hazards stay off the field. Harsha's use of CB Dragonite to punch holes in the opposing team and break stall apart helped increase the overall sturdiness of his team.

    Theory, by Rick

    Theory is a really innovative team that uses a lot of underrated sets, such as Swords Dance Breloom and bulky Shell Smash Cloyster, to overcome all walls and wreak havoc without too much difficulty. Thunder Wave Starmie helps with his team's overall goal of sweeping by crippling the opponent and giving his Pokemon an easier setup. Roar Tyranitar, while a bit unconventional, allows him to ensure that he isn't set up on, and it helps with momentum by laying Stealth Rock and tanking most specially based hits.

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