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    Major Legend of zelda games- review

    PkmnTrainer Shane

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    Major Legend of zelda games- review

    Post by PkmnTrainer Shane on Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:39 pm

    Hmm..what should i start with? Ima' start with something..oh yeah The Legend of Zelda. It's a great series.

    The first game is "The legend of Zelda". I played a demo of it on the Wii a while ago, but that's about it.The game is nice, I would recommend you play it.

    "The Adventure of Link" is the game I ALMOST beat. About 90% of it, in fact I'm going to try and finish it now. Anyhow, this game a can be bought and played on Wii. Better graphics, but in my opinion the first game is better.

    Ahhh... "Link to the past", I got this game and I beat it! Yes I beat the entire game. Three years to be exact.
    Great graphics, good story, and it makes you want to play the entire game again it makes you want to take a long nap. Sleep

    "Ocarina of Time" is the first 3d platform in the Legend of Zelda series. I beat this one too. I few times actually. You get to play the game as Young link and his older self, but only older Link can use the Master Sword. Also, there is a sword even better stronger than the master sword. It's called Biggoron's Sword. It's a side quest thing you have to do. If you want to know how here's a "link".(lololol)

    "Link's Awakening". Now, there are 2 versions of "Link's Awakening", the first one is in black and white and the other one is in color, which is called "Link's Awakening DX".

    "Majora's Mask". It's a great game. Some call it the sequel of "Ocarina of Time" which it is. Just what the title says, there are masks. If i recall there is Zora, Deku Scrub, and Goron mask. There are three days you have untill the moon crashes down into the town. You must defeat Skull Kid and save the Town!

    "The Wind Waker". I beat this game a few times. The graphics are cel shaded, but has a great storyline. You do get the Master Sword in this game, but it has to be awakened to be full... To defeat Ganondork Ganondorf!

    "The Minish Cap". Basically.. in the game you get a cap that talks. It can make you small, without him you would not be able to get through the dungeons.

    "Twilight Princess". This game doesn't have magic. Also, it is the first "T" rated game besides "Ocarina of Time" ( when it first came out it was rate "T, but now it has changed it's rating to "E". ) For a Gamecube (It also has a Wii counterpart) game, it has awesome graphics. I can see why they rated it "T" because some parts are just scary.

    "Phantom Hourglass" & "Spirit Tracks". Phantom Hourglass... You use a ship to defeat [Censored Spoiler] to help Zelda get out of her state. Spirit Tracks is when you use a train and defeat [More Censored Spoiler] to free Zelda from her curse. She comes in handy, but if you tick her off...she will literally kill you. Neutral

    That's all folks. You may edit this post for grammar mistakes and anything else you want to put in it.

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    Re: Major Legend of zelda games- review

    Post by Trinitrotoluene on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:41 pm

    Regarding Youtube links, you could just place them in [URL] tags. That would make your post much easier to read.


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    Re: Major Legend of zelda games- review

    Post by harsha on Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:16 pm

    Sounds cool. I've only played Ocarina of Time once, and never played any other Zelda games, unless Super Smash Bros. counts. I would love to play them, though, as they sound fun.

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    Re: Major Legend of zelda games- review

    Post by Hemlock on Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:50 pm

    Minish Cap is fun though.

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    Re: Major Legend of zelda games- review

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