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As of 7/16/15, the user on Pokemon-online known as Gangsta Luvv has taken Treehouse as his own server. This person has been DDoSing our server for months. For those not aware, DDoS attacks are a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems -- which are usually infected with a Trojan -- are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Gangsta has been doing this for months on end because he was banned after he trolled and spammed the server. He ban evaded and was banned again and again, each time acting like he was the victim of abuse.

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 Global announcement:  

Pokemon Showdown! Server Status.

As of today [4/15/15], Treehouse is now officially on the Pokemon Showdown! registry.
This can be an alternative use for those who wish to battle/talk competitively as opposed to using Pokemon-Online.

The url for the server is:

I will be more responsive (easier to respond) there than PO more often than not so if I'm ever needed, that's where!


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Treehouse Frontier - CLOSED FOR NOW

The Treehouse Frontier is closed for now, in light of recent events.

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Forum Rules (Last Update: 4 May 2012)

So, here are the rules. We as a community expect you to follow them. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban.

  • Do not troll. This really goes without saying.
  • Do not retaliate to a troll. Instead, report trolling to a moderator or an administrator.
  • Follow all forum specific rules.
  • Do not necrobump old threads. They haven't been commented on in forever for a reason.
  • Do not minimod. Moderators are here for a reason.
  • Do not ask for personal information. This will result in an immediate ban.
  • Do...

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List of Auth for Treehouse

This is the auth list for The Treehouse Pokemon-Online and Pokemon Showdown! servers.
Pokemon-Online Staff:


  • teh vappy (mastur ch33f, millennium vappy)
  • JonFreeman (Mr. Azurill)
  • Trent Donnovich (A Minccino)


  • Roxas (Shadow Roxas)
  • TTD...

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Treehouse Server Status (by PM)

EDIT 7: Treehouse is online yet again!

Server Advance Connect IP:

Treehouse's Pokemon Showdown! server:

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As per request from vappy, I'm making this a forum-wide post. Both Treehouse servers are down for an indefinite amount of time due to internet troubles on vappy's end. I will make an update for when things have been changed and we are back on the grid.

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mmkay. it's time i used this blog portion again.

PSA: I have promoted Roxas from his former position as forum moderator to forum administrator. He's been putting in plenty of work, both on the server and the forum, so I figured that it's time to reward him for his hard work. His promotion also helps cover the alumnizing (not really a word, but hey, let's roll with it) of harsha and Kira Light, and it gives another reliable hand in the maintenance of this forum.



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Herpee Nu Yurr.

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To all of the forum users living in the United States of America, Happy Fourth of July / Independence Day!


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For all of you people who are avid fans / extensive users of Facebook, here you go.I despise Timeline though...


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The title says it all. Hope you all have a happy New Year!


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I won't be online tomorrow and most likely on Sunday, so I'd like to say Merry Christmas in advance. Hope you all will have a good time with your family, friends, or whomever you're celebrating Christmas with!


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The title says it all. Welcome back!


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Alright. This works. Cool. I'll be using this to tell the people what's going on and ask for their opinions regarding that. To the other admins, be sure to sign off your posts and not display your signatures!


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harsha, Kira Light
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